“My interest in Vigilant Sport Agency started about a year before I ended up signing with them, while I was still in school. I followed them on social media and they seemed to do a very good job with their clients and that was definitely confirmed when I signed with them. Before I signed with VSA, I had only attended one workout with a CFL team as I was a late addition to the 2017 CFL draft and was not able to attend the CFL Combine. After signing with them they were able to help me get in front of four more teams in just a little over a month before the draft. VSA’s communication with me through my process was nothing less than remarkable and they were always completely honest with me about everything. I ended up being the 23rd overall pick and one of the top defensive backs selected in the draft. I’m really thankful God lead me to this agency and I’m looking forward to keep doing great work with them!”

– Abu Conteh, 2017 CFL 23rd overall draft pick

“I heard about VSA through my trainer. He knew a CFL front office member that recommended this agency. I had a few options, VSA, and a few larger agencies. Coming from a smaller school I knew I needed someone who was going to really focus on me and push my name if I was going to get any opportunity in the NFL. With talking to all the agencies and athletes/coaches that knew the agencies I found that VSA was the best fit for me; a smaller agency that was going to work hard as hell to get me an opportunity and as a player that’s all you ask for. As a dual-citizen, I was eligible for both the NFL and CFL drafts. They did a great job balancing each. I ended up going to rookie mini-camp with the Washington Redskins and was drafted by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 18th overall in the CFL draft.”

– Mike Jones, 2016 CFL 18th overall draft pick

“Every time I turned around I would hear stories about VSA. Everything I heard was facts. A company that’s always trying to help regardless of the mass of the situation. I’m glad the football Gods brought me and VSA together. I finally found a family oriented company. Before I sign any deal the company does its research and makes sure it’s the best opportunity for me to achieve.”

– Keon Lyn, Syracuse University

“After I got released from the Vikings, I wasn’t sure if I would get another opportunity. But Jamar Howard was the one who told me about VSA and how his agent worked hard for his clients and put them in the best possible situation to succeed. Joining VSA was the best decision I made. It’s a good feeling having an agent that you can talk to on a regular basis and tell you where you stand while being honest with you.”

– Claudell Louis, Fresno State

“When I came to Vigilant I believed that I was in a fairly good position as a Quarterback. I had just finished a great run during my college career and was interested in how I could move to the next level. I knew a few guys that came from HBCUs like I had and saw what Vigilant was able to do for them. I thought ‘Sure, going to a bigger agency would be nice, but would they really work for someone like me?’ Once I started working with the guys over at Vigilant I knew that I’d made the right choice, because they truly worked hard for me and we were able to form a relationship with one another. I came into the process a bit jaded. I quickly learned that getting to the next level as a Quarterback with my build wouldn’t be as easy as I had hoped. Vigilant always kept the faith and made sure they put me in optimal positions to showcase my talents, which allowed me to earn a contract with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL. Without the confidence and guidance of VSA, none of that would have been possible.”

– Malcolm Bell, North Carolina Central

“Before VSA I thought I would be fine without an agent and try to do everything myself after I left the Detroit Lions. Things were rough for a bit. I teamed up with Vigilant and things were a breeze. They stuck by my side since day one and showed nothing but loyalty the whole way through. They got me a contract very quickly and I can’t thank the team over at VSA enough for it! Loyalty goes a long way in this business or in anything in life and I’m honored to work with the best in the business.”

– Vernon Johnson, Texas A&M Commerce

“I was blessed enough to get an opportunity to sign with VSA after I was released from the Edmonton Eskimos. I’m glad God has placed these great people in my life even though I was at a low point in my career after being released, they still signed me and believed in my ability. They kept working nonstop to get me another opportunity, resulting in two more CFL contracts since I signed with them. I thank God for them and all the good work they do for their clients. They have been nothing but a blessing to my life.”

– Reuben Frank, University of Connecticut